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10690223_1506789746241063_610121841897770229_n.jpgMy name is Johnatan Hidalgomora and I am a Christian committed for the glory of GOD. I live in Norway.
Some of my work is to love people specially the little ones and i do so with my Supernatural gifts given to me from the Lord, Prophetic gifts, Healing, Word of Knowledge … and my Resources.

I have not always been Christian I used to live a very rough life.
Where I stole, used violations, drugs, alcoholic and other criminal activates. My life can be described with some few words: Struggle and Hardship.

Around 20 years of age the Lord came to me and spoke to me. it happened ruing a night where i have been drinking and had house party in my home. The Lord gave me some instructions He wanted me to follow and 2 times i refused to follow them but on the third time He spoke I obeyed reluctantly. That night I got convicted of my sins and the need for a Savior.

My Christian life has not been easier either but at least I knew If I obeyed GOD and tried my very best to honor Him and follow Him He would help me trough life and give me daily encouragement and help trough life. And i got to experience that with GOD on my side I could deal with life and it’s hardships.

My vision from the very beginning of my Christian walk
If I can reach Jesus, I shall be well. If I can obey His Word, I shall be well!’” – T.B. Joshua

Approx.4 years ago I began to walk supernatural.
I began to lay hands on sick and saw some few healing. I began to experience a supernatural GOD that healed and did other might things to prove His existence.

But JUST recently I have began to walk strongly in many of the Gifts He have given me.

I have seen mighty things some of the most remarkable is:

1) Seeing The Holy Spirit and then seeing Jesus right in front of me with my very eyes!
2) Hearing His voice!
3) Feeling His presence!
4) Prophetic – Knowing Past, Present, Future, Thoughts of Heart and Dreams.
5) Confessing, Praying, Prophesying so people get Healed by the Lord.
6) Open Vision and Vision inside of me!
7) Word of Knowledge- Knowing information about other people without any prior knowledge.

On The Site I made: Super Natural Lifestyle of Mine I want to shear some few testimonies from people that have experience how God have worked trough me.

I have many Gifts of Grace some of them are: Prophetic, Healing, Word of Knowledge …
On this Site I want to shear some few testimonies from people that have experience how God have worked trough me:

Supernatural Lifestyle of Mine

When I look back upon my life also as non believer I can see GOD has always been there it is just that I have not always been there available for Him.

You can get in contact with me on hotmail, skype and facebook,
Hotmail: god_lamb@hotmail.com
Skype: bjorn381

PayPal: god_lamb@hotmail.com
Norwegian Bank account :
4516 28 48066
Western Union please make contact.

And the King will answer them, ‘Truly, I say to you, as you did it to one of the least of these my brothers, you did it to me.
Matthew 25:40

Words for Thoughts:
I see your amen’s, your likes, your heart, your similes but when did that last time for you feed a hungry child, comforting a crying lonely child, company a child, housing a child, saving a life of a child?

Many people have not truly suffered so that’s why many do not care to help someone that suffer.

I can tell you LAST time I gave my amen and GOD moved and a child’s life got saved.
I can tell you last time I gave my amen and a child got housing.
I can tell you last time I gave my amen and a child stop crying and found rest and peace.

So if your similes, amen’s, likes, your heart’s do not do any of these things please give some of your dollars to support these little ones instead.
I do not ask of much just little some few dollars please.

PLEASE DONATE: 3 dollar – 100 Dollar or even more. All money is appreciated!
When you donate please make contact for a talk and fellowship.


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Read about it here:

Some of this Sites is still new and under construction; More to come!


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