Donate, please help me support many African homeless kids

My name is Johnatan Hidalgomora and I am a Christian committed for the glory of GOD. 10690223_1506789746241063_610121841897770229_nI live in Norway.
Some of my work is to love people specially the little ones and i do so with my supernatural gifts given to me from the Lord, prophetic gifts, healing, word of knowledge … and my resources.

Many African homeless Kids need support please help and more is to come!
The Lord have MANY times provided Mighty miracle for the Kids:
2 store house, benches, pool, protecting, healing, money, beds, sheets, pillows, clothes, toys, and so much more!
But we need also your HELP as we want to give them so much in life!

They live now under roof with Sheilah my sister she takes care of them.
All of kids have the Lord mighty touched to heal in mighty ways! All kind of sickness, damage and lack.
They used to starve and live in the street sick and alone. Now they have a home with someone that love them and take care of them. And also 15 of them go in school. They are from he age of 3- 10.

They all love the Lord and pray and sing to Him Almost everyone of the kids have seen Jesus and heard Him talk to them more than once I know this I was the one Prophesied
this to them.
The kids have 3 watch dogs that watching over them and protecting them as the Lord spoke to the dogs to do so now we have adopted the dog and they live together with them.
They have one big mommy cat with her 5 kittens.

I will when I feel lead to write testimonies and show pictures of the Kids, the dogs, their school, their home their healing and mighty prophecies I have given them.
On this Page:
I have many Gifts of Grace some of them are: Prophetic, Healing, Word of Knowledge …
On this Site I want to shear some few testimonies from people that have experience how God have worked trough me:

Super Natural Lifestyle of Mine

You can get in contact with me on hotmail, skype and facebook,
Skype: bjorn381

Norwegian Bank account :
4516 28 48066
Western Union please make contact.

And the King will answer them, ‘Truly, I say to you, as you did it to one of the least of these my brothers, you did it to me.
Matthew 25:40

Words for Thoughts:
I see your amen’s, your likes, your heart, your similes but when did that last time for you feed a hungry child, comforting a crying lonely child, company a child, housing a child, saving a life of a child?

Many people have not truly suffered so that’s why many do not care to help someone that suffer.

I can tell you LAST time I gave my amen and GOD moved and a child’s life got saved.
I can tell you last time I gave my amen and a child got housing.
I can tell you last time I gave my amen and a child stop crying and found rest and peace.

So if your similes, amen’s, likes, your heart’s do not do any of these things please give some of your dollars to support these little ones instead.
I do not ask of much just little some few dollars please.

PLEASE DONATE: 3 dollar – 100 Dollar or even more. All money is appreciated!
When you donate please make contact for a talk and fellowship.


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Donate please help me support many African homeless kids I support:
Read about it here:

Some of this Sites is still new and under construction; More to come!

By God Lamb

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