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Author: Pål Bryn.
I am a 43-year-old Norwegian who has a call from God. It
involves giving people knowledge of Him, and the possible
fates that await us, after death. I have dedicated my life and
all I own to Jesus Christ. Daily, I see (experience) wonderful
occurrences. I have known God’s presence so powerfully that
my body has trembled uncontrollably for several minutes. I
have seen intense radiation from the Holy Spirit fill the room,
and have received gifts of grace.

A brochure how to be saved. But also Wisdom’s and Advice’s.

This brochure should be read by all over the age of 12.
The content concerns people, regardless of outlook on life.

Read the note Take Refuge.

What is stigmata?

The fate of the damned!

Who will be saved?

Visit from the Kingdom of death

I saw Jesus!

The plan with every human being

And many more Topic.

Many Word of Wisdom and Advice’s notes!

Please read and shear!

Take Refuge Facebook Page:

Take Refuge Blog:

+This blog LambofGodglory is still active but I’m working on another project right now+

By God Lamb

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