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I believe that one day will FB or other media on internet will use my and other Christians Account to spread FALSE DOCTRINES and FALSE STUFF by using our account so those around us may be deceived and think it was us that did it!

I have notice many times that different applications and programs we keep downloading and installing on our computer, tablets or phones ask for permission to storage our Profiles, information’s and to post and change our profiles or program at any time they wish to … Of curse it seems like this never happens but THAT do not mean it will not in a close future!

Most of those that have seen my post and are regularly updated on it know what I stand for! SO if it in any form, shape or means will come post, pictures, videos, likes or WHATEVER that do not line up with the Word of GOD and not godfearing and Christian


Be careful to open strange videos specially those with porn!
– to open strange emails
– to answer strange phone numbers

As many times when someone do this either be accident or on purpose their computer will be infected by virus and worms that get spread around automatically from their computer to others computers around them the same way they got infected the viruses do the same from the hacked computer …

I mean if you got infected by computer virus because you watch porn or downloaded a file from video, email or such like then your device will automatically spread the same files around by using your apps or programs like YouTube, games, Facebook, Emails … in hope that other also will do the same mistake you did.


I have also!

What i have done is to back up almost ALL my stuff I have on FB, Blog … YouTube … In case someone will deleted or changed it! – I have backup it and storage it on my computer those things I want not to lose. I have also a USB-stick that i can storage the information on in case my computer would crash and be damage! –


For more information about me:

By God Lamb

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