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Take  Refuge !




This brochure should be read by all over the age of 12.
The content concerns people, regardless of outlook on life.



I am a 43-year-old Norwegian who has a call from God. It
involves giving people knowledge of Him, and the possible
fates that await us, after death. I have dedicated my life and
all I own to Jesus Christ. Daily, I see (experience) wonderful
occurrences. I have known God’s presence so powerfully that
my body has trembled uncontrollably for several minutes. I
have seen intense radiation from the Holy Spirit fill the room,
and have received gifts of grace.

Life here on Earth is temporary and unpredictable. It can be
considered a probationary period. Our choice here will have
consequences in all eternity. All people leave their bodies at the
moment of death. I, myself, have lost contact and control over
my being, and know this is true. There are two possible fates
for any person; one is a perfect eternal life, a world where love
and peace prevail. There, all will be complete and perfect, in
the community of God, people and other heavenly creatures.
None will ever be weary. All will be in perfect harmony with
each other and their surroundings.

other is a painful, eternal loss. The worst is that those

whom it concerns will realise what they have rejected, and that
they have made the wrong choice. Those who are lost will be
conscious after death, in a temporary existence. There, they
meet like-minded persons, some more wretched than others.
Pending God’s righteousness and eternal judgement, they are
in His detention. It is hard and difficult to write this, but for
many it will be an existence in the deepest and most terrible
part of the land of the dead, Hell. After judgement comes all
the lost souls to meet their end. That is, they will have their
peace in that sense that they will cease to exist. This is revealed
in the Bible as the second death.

To refrain from seeking wholeheartedly after the living god is a choice.

There is a way for each and every person, directly to Him who
sits on the high throne, Jesus Christ. Follow the council and
the guidance which is given, so that you have an indescribably
great joy in store for you.



Ørn brukGod is spirit and He is immeasurable, boundless and omnipresent.
He has no beginning and no end. He is Creator and
upholds the universe and the invisible world. He is not subject
to anything; everything is subject to Him.

works in nature, but is not part in it. He has absolutely

no limitations. He can work independently of time, which
He himself has created. He can, therefore, foresee all
peoples’ fate from eternity. Absolutely everything lies open
for Him. He is holy, inviolable, zealous and strict, but inconceivably loving and righteous. He cannot but love all creatures, even those who resist Him. All the same, He must annihilate all who resist Him according to His perfect and final judgement. This is an unavoidable consequence of His character.

is triune. He works through three persons, all who are one

and who complement each other. A dandelion can be used for
illustration. The root and the green leaves are that part which
gives growth and maintain the plant, as God the Father. The
yellow flower is the visible part, that which we act in accordance
with, as Jesus Christ. The white seeds which blow away in the
wind, spread and give new life, as the Holy Spirit.


Jesus is totally person, and totally God, The Almighty. All
God’s power and fullness work through Jesus. John 10:30 says:

“I and the Father are one.”

Jesus can, and shall be, worshipped as God. Jesus is from
eternity even though His life on Earth had a beginning and end.

Jesus can, through simple command, through the Holy Spirit,
enter each and all people on Earth and attain each to utter the
same sentence, each in his own language, simultaneously. The
prophet Isaiah foresaw about 2800 years ago, Jesus’ coming
and His work of salvation: “For to us a child is born, to us a
son is given, and the government will be on his shoulders.
And he will be called Wonderful Counsellor, Mighty God,
Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace” (Isaiah 9:6).

All people who live, and who have lived, on earth shall

stand before the throne of Jesus when their earthly life is
ended, regardless of faith and religious following.


Therefore no one will be declared righteous in his sight  by
observing the law; rather, through the law we become 
of sin.”
(Rom. 3:20).

This is because we, ourselves, cannot. Our nature and the
darkness in this world prevent us. In God’s eyes no person can
live a life free from sin, as He requires. Each and every person
is, in reality, hopelessly lost and cut off from the eternal God’s
grace and care. God is, in fact, intolerant; He does not tolerate
sin. Yet we resist Him daily. Sin is to act in ways that offend
God. Lies, deception, ungodliness, ridicule and an indescribable
number of sins of omission make us guilty.

In just thinking an unjust thought about another person is
an affront to God; we have sinned. We cannot live sinless a
single day, let alone a whole life. If we claim anything else,
that is a sin in itself. Therefore, we can be certain that to
justify ourselves with good deeds, live a sinless life and live
according to God’s law is impossible.

Fortunately, God is considerate and loving. He chose therefore
to come down to Earth to obliterate our sin. The eternal God
forsook His place as God in Heaven, became as a man, and
carried out en incredible self-sacrificing work. He reconciled
us with Himself by obliterating our sins on the cross. He did
not have to do this, but chose to do so. “For if, when we were
God’s enemies, we were reconciled to him through the
death of his Son, how much more, having been reconciled,
shall we be saved through his life!” (Rom. 5:10).

He did this because He wanted to save individuals out of this
world and into the eternal, perfect world. His will is that every
single person shall be saved. It is therefore that we have this life
in this world: It is our choice whether we come through. “He
has made everything beautiful in its time. He has also set
eternity in the hearts of men; yet they cannot fathom what
God has done from beginning to end.” (Ecclesiastes 3:11.)

Every single informed and intelligent person must take

refuge in Jesus Christ in this world, believe in him as his
personal saviour, to receive eternal life.

take refuge in Jesus Christ implies humbly seeking Him

with a sincere heart. He will then make us conscious of sin
and our inadequacy. It will then be possible to see the need for
forgiveness and reconciliation. By taking refuge in Jesus, can
we receive His grace. Then, through following the guidance
and counsel which is given, can we enter into His benevolence.
One receives daily encouragement and an enriched life. We
have a free will and have, therefore, right to receive His offer of
reconciliation, or we can reject it.

By taking a passive attitude to this offer, throughout one’s

life, is rejection.


To believe is to perceive and to be certain of something. A
strong belief is knowing that something is true. Personally,
I had strong belief after meeting Jesus about 20 years ago. I
had lost my childhood faith but resolved to test that which is
written in Matt. 7:7-9; “Ask and it will be given to you; seek
and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to
you. For everyone who asks receives; he who seeks finds;
and to him who knocks, the door will be opened.” I read
enthusiastically through the New Testament one weekend and
was astonished by that written in Revelation 3:20; “Here I am!
I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears my voice
and opens the door, I will come in and eat with him, and
he with me.”

After having prayed several simple prayers, in which I asked
God to give me assurance, there occurred something strange
one evening: The Spirit of Jesus came powerfully, into the
room and I was afraid. I recognized that I was unacceptable
to God as I was. So I prayed for mercy and came into a state
of forgiveness; I experienced love and peace following tears
of reconciliation. I had then received forgiveness for my sins
and experienced great relief. “Therefore, since we have been
justified through faith, we have peace with God through
our Lord Jesus Christ.” (Rom. 5:1).

Subsequently, I left the house and took a short walk. On the
way out, I put in my pocket 100 Norwegian kroner banknote
(approximately eight pounds sterling), without conscious
thought. Several minutes later, I met a strange character coming
toward me. As we passed one another, he spontaneously asked
for money. I gave him the banknote and he blessed me. “As the
body without the spirit is dead, so faith without deeds is
dead.” (James 2:26.) I have never seen a beggar in that district,
either before or since.

Jesus K


Those who have left the body and have come to eternal life
are saved, without possibility of being lost. When one finds
faith in Jesus as his personal saviour, he is under God’s grace
and in a state of forgiveness. A new spirit from God then dwells
within us and influences our thoughts and actions. One feels
renewed. This makes it easier to live according to His will. The
Spirit is given as a pledge of eternal life. He displaces the old,
sinful nature in us. Jesus described the change as “being born
again”. Some people experience the change over a longer period
of time. Others experience it in the course of a few moments.
A few live their whole lives in God’s presence; therefore, they
do not experience any noticeable change. Those who keep
themselves close to Jesus, and so endeavour to fulfill His will,
are on the way to eternal paradise. Young children and people
who never had the power of reason belong to God’s kingdom.


The New Testament, reveals a forgiving and loving God,
through Jesus Christ. It is this part of the bible that is most
important to read, and is the easiest to understand. Read it
regularly so that your intellect and heart will be opened!


Regularly visit your local church and other churches. Contact
between believers enrich fellowship and strengthen each
individual. Seek out only those churches which proclaim Jesus
is completely God and man.


Pray sincerely and wholeheartedly to Jesus; you have contact
with the living God. He hears every single word and can fulfill
all we ask. He expects that we seek Him and remain close to
Him through prayer, both in times of success and adversity. Be
humble and sincere!

Recommended Prayer List:

✝  Ask forgiveness for all sin and wrongs you have committed.
✝  Give thanks that you have life and for all your blessings.
✝  Pray for protection in health and strength in body and spirit.
✝  Pray for a strong and enduring faith.
✝  Pray for council and guidance.
✝  Pray for family, friends and acquaintances.
✝  Pray for all that you believe to be in God’s will.

Pray regularly, each morning, evening and in free



Just before a difficult period in my life, I spoke directly with
Jesus for more than 30 minutes. I asked questions and The Holy
Spirit replied to me with a mighty, loving and caring voice. As
I remember the last thing He said was; “Nothing is dangerous
Pål, I am always with you”.
have personally experienced several spontaneous healings

of sickness and injury. Summer 2006 I worked hard in long
periods for Jesus; I abandoned my own business. One day I
received a joyful encouragement. My colour vision had become
significantly improved. I could now see shades of colour around
me in quite a different manner than previously.
a run on a trail in the woods, I suddenly became aware

of the fact that my car key was missing. My guardian angel
made me aware of it, as I felt for it in my pocket. There was
about 4 inches of fresh snow covering all previous tracks and I
was far from other people. I ran, despairing, back the way I had
come. After a few hundred yards, I put my hand down in the
snow, and there was the key; I had been guided from above.
cold evening I sat on a concrete bridge near the central

railway station in Oslo. I had little clothing and was very cold,
but was helping a drug addict. Thinking that I must suffer for
several hours, I was suddenly certain that God would intervene.
Immediately afterward, came a strong and lasting warmth
directly up from the concrete on which I sat.
a swim, I slipped and fell from my boat. My knees

struck the stern drive with great force. I immediately thought
that I had broken my knees. There was great pain and I bled.
I despaired as I had guests to care for, and important work
for God later that day. But God intervened, removed the pain
completely, and I worked at great pace for the rest of the day
and evening. Later in the evening, with the work done, I could
go home. Immediately, His wonderful power faded and the
pain returned. I could not walk without limping.
have contact with angels. I have, on one occasion, heard a

choir of angels singing loud and with extraordinary harmony
in a short period of time. On several occasions, I have received
help from my guardian angel, and know her name. One
difficult night, three angels came with beams of light to show
that I was under strong protection. It is important to emphasise
that nobody should worship angels; they are there to help us in
following the will of Jesus in any situation.


God is love. No darkness can be found in Him. God’s will is
that we honour and love Him, and each other, with genuine
sincerity. In letting us think for ourselves and make our own
decisions makes us free individuals. God created Lucifer as a
magnificent angel, pure and powerful. But he became arrogant,
dazzled by his own high position; he would be equal with God.
This was possible since he was created with a free will. The
consequence was that he had to leave Heaven, together with
other angels who also rebelled against God. Lucifer is now
known as Satan and is an accuser and opponent of God. In
the absence of God’s presence and love, the outcast angles have
developed an evil and sinful nature.

Man was originally intended to live forever in a glorious and
imperishable world. However, the first people were led astray
by Satan. Thus, Satan gained control over human nature.
God could have chosen not only to destroy the fallen angels
immediately but also refrained from providing further guidance
for mankind. In that case none of us would have been created!
So who can accuse God for allowing sin and wickedness in
this world? God will show the long-term, fatal consequences
of Satan’s and mankind’s sinful nature in this transitory world.
Here, God will test our inherent qualities. Materialism, selfcentredness,
dishonesty, lies and malice dominate over us in
this depraved world. God knows that we cannot, in ourselves,
manage to live sin-free lives.

That which God will prove is whether we are willing to try
wholeheartedly. Here, he will see who will seek Him. He will
choose those who shall come to dwell with Him. Through love
He has given all mankind the possibility to come to salvation
rather than to death and His final judgement. He, in person,
has opened the way through an incredible work of salvation! So
who has the right to accuse Him of anything? We are not alone,
but He suffers with us who believe; He is near us every day.

The consequences of trials are that we will love Him all the
more later, when we come to salvation out of this world. We
will then comprehend that a place in Heaven cannot to be
taken for granted, and be eternally grateful! When we have
come through a cold and wet spring, we enjoy all the more the
sun-filled, warm days that follow.

The power of love, which is from God, will touch us yet more

strongly when we have come into the kingdom of heaven
than if we had lived there from the beginning!

The consequence shall be that, never again can sin and

wickedness arise.


I have experienced the loss of contact with my own body and
know that we all depart from our earthly bodies at death. It is
then that the alternative fate of each individual is sealed. I have
come to know the fates of a woman and a man, both having
died from cancer. Both knew beforehand that the illness would
be terminal.

The woman has been dead now for several years. The man died
more recently. I have come to know through the Holy Spirit
that the woman was a lost soul. Just a few days before she died,
she prayed humble prayers of reconciliation to Jesus. The Holy
Spirit revealed that her prayers were heard, her request granted,
and she came into God’s peace.

The man put aside any attempt in seeking Jesus or in enquiring
of the truth. He declined in spite of the fact that several prayed
for him and implored him to pray for grace and forgiveness.
Now I know, directly from the Holy Spirit that he is lost. There
is no longer any possibility in obtaining eternal life. He is in
God’s detention awaiting that day he will be judged according
to his deeds. He will then meet his end, the second death.

In the day of final judgment, every lost soul will understand

the nature of his own rejection of truth.. (Ellen G White.)

In John 3:16, it is written: “For God so loved the world that
he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him
shall not perish but have eternal life.”

Eternal life is not something that a person can earn, but

receives by grace.

Those who have taken refuge in Jesus Christ, and are in a

state of forgiveness when they leave this world, come into
the kingdom of heaven.
Fjell bruk


Stigmata is the plural form of the Greek word ‘stigma’, which
means mark. Official sources indicate that a few hundred
persons have had marks of the wounds that Jesus received when
He was flogged and crucified, and is a sign of sanctification.
Francis of Assisi was the first named by such sources; he had the
marks in his hands and feet in 1224. Most receive the marks in
the hands and feet where the nails were driven through. Some
have had marks in the side corresponding to the place where
Jesus was stabbed when dead. Others have had marks on the
forehead where the crown of thorns was press over His head.

My marks came into being winter 2006 and are the only
recorded case in Norway, as far as I know. The marks arose
on my back while I lay alone and awake in my bedroom. I
heard the sound from a whip and felt constant pain. I have the
gift of the Spirit concerning literal speech (Word of Wisdom
and Word of Knowledge), as have several other Norwegians.
The marks I had on my back were as those Jesus received from
the first strokes of the whip prior to His crucifixion for almost
2000 years ago. I am informed that these marks were a sign
of strong faith and sustained sufferings pending something
that was promised me for more than 15 years ago. The marks
vanished after a few days.

Stigmata brukKors


Ta Tilflukt.

P.B. 157. 1319 Bekkestua.

E-mail: tatilflukt@yahoo.no



Author: Pål Bryn.
Convertet from PDF to A4 Johnatan Hidalgmora.

By God Lamb

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