The Cross As a Symbol


Without having examined it closer, I’m sure that the cross is the world’s most known and used symbol. There is some doubt about how the appearance of the cross Jesus suffered was, but it was a cross.
From historical research it is known that crucifixion was a widely used method to execute doomed people. God through the Holy Spirit influenced Christians to use the cross as the main symbol of Christian affiliation. It is used in many contexts, on the cover of brochures, in death notices, in churches, as a crucifix in homes. As necklace around your neck, it is used greatly by many people. I myself use large visible crosses that is hanging on my outerwear. In this way, I testify effectively about my faith affiliation to all I meet. I often get in touch with people solely because of my visible cross.
I continuously experience considerable influence in the use of the cross as a symbol. Some people back-off when they see it. Some take offence because it was a used as an instrument of torture. But it was on the cross where Jesus made His sacrificial passionated act, and He wants us to remember that.
We are not dependent on the cross itself, we are only dependent on God’s grace and power. Some Christian denominations as Jehovah’s Witnesses, Mormons and Christadelphians consistently avoid using the cross. It is remarkable that they do it without using another common recognizable symbol as a replacement. A powerful logo with a picture of the resurrected Jesus Christ can be used. But it will not have the same recognizable affect as a clearly cross. And it is difficult to use in just as many contexts.
A Christian person who will not use the cross as a symbol, miss out on spiritual influences from an unlimited source.
When we leave this world, we can leave the cross as a symbol. Then we can rejoice in the light shined from the the risen Lord and Master. A unified symbol will not be necessary anymore. Everyone will be sisters and brothers for eternity. Assuming that each one make it, by taking up their crosses, here in this world.
For the preaching of the cross is to them that perish foolishness; but unto us which are saved it is the power of God.
1 Corinthians Chapter 1,18
Translated by Johnatan Hidalgmora.
There may be some spelling and grammar errors for this I am sorry.
Author Pål Bryn.
By God Lamb

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