Healing testimonies!

Healing testimonies! Of Sister Glenys and Joelle and Effie.

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Testimony of Effie
I just accepted a new friend (Johnatan). He immediately asked me if I had pain in my lower back to which I almost replied, “No.” But then the Holy Spirit reminded me that I have had pain in my lower back when I would bend over at work and sometimes found it hard to get back up. For some reason, I had completely forgotten to rebuke it. duh!!!
Anyway, he asked me to see if I still had pain……….I didn’t. God healed me before I even stood up. WOW!!! GOD IS GOOD!!! PRAISE THE NAME OF JESUS!!!!!!!!

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Testemoney of Glenys Wolmarans

A few days ago, my brother in Christ, Johnatan, asked me whether I experienced a problem in my lower back – I was excited as always when the Lord gives a word of knowledge, it is because He is going to heal the problem. Johnatan did not know anything about me except through brief contact on facebook.

He asked me to message him but I could not do so immediately as I was having a problem with the app. As soon as I had sorted it out, I contacted him and he told me to close my eyes as he was going to pray for me.

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Immediately I felt peace, then the fire of God on me and joy bubbled up in my spirit so I laughed! He asked me what was happening… I said I could still feel a little bit of stiffness in my hips, and so he prayed again, and praise God, I am healed! Previously, compressed discs in my lower back caused pain in my left hip, lower back if I leaned forwards for any length of time and even my left foot at times was painful to walk upon.

I spent the rest of the morning shopping, and even with all the standing and walking I was fine, and moved freely without discomfort! I am so thankful to our heavenly Healer and to His servant and son Johnatan for his prayers – all praise, honour and glory to our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ!

AND the testimony of Joelle Savaria Anger

Giving the Lord Jesus Glory!!!
Johnatan Hidalgomora messaged with a Word of Knowledge about pain in the left side of my neck and back and prayed for my healing. For the past 10 months, I had been suffering with this pain (I had a slip and fall at work, but this aggravated a some spine issues that were apparently previously there).
As Johnatan prayed for my neck, I felt it become loose.

Then he asked about back pain, which I had. He again prayed and I felt this comforting heat. The pain level went from an 8 down to about a 2. Johnathan then said to move my back in a way that would normally cause pain, and it seemed to get loose and I felt heat. He then said to worship, which I did, with both arms in the air (which was very difficult to do because of the pain).

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As I worshipped, I felt this heat begin in my left hand, going down to my back. The pain was there, and in an instant, it was GONE!!!
WE SERVE A LOVING, MIGHTY AND AWESOME GOD!!! Thank You, my Lord and Savior!!!

Johnatan truly has compassion and a calling in the ministry of healing.


By God Lamb

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